Monday, August 19, 2013

GenCon Update #17

From the Fantasy Flight Games booth.
A peak at two upcoming ships for Star Wars X-Wing.

GenCon Update #16

I almost died during lunch stop on way home.  Shoff started to run me over.  I'm bruised but will survive.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

GenCon Update #8

Dave S made the news.

GenCon Update #7

Privateer Press goodies from Thursday.

GenCon Update #6

A little crowded

GenCon Update #5

Looking forward to playing the My Little Pony game.  You probably didn't know I'm a closet Bronie.

GenCon Update #4

Still in line for entrance.
Ghostbusters posing for camera.

GenCon Update #3

In line for entrance.
First stop booth 1025, Palladium Books for Robotech exclusives.  Only 125 for sale per day.

Jen, I bought a towel and the van is all cleaned up.


Thanks for checking the website :)

GenCon Update #2

Proof of GenCon

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GenCon Update #1

Dave, Shoff and Adam at the Ram.
Packed with WarMachine nerds.
I got a shirt and mug !!

GenCon Road Update #4

Dinner at White Castle.
First time ever, never going back.
Steak and Shake right next door :(

GenCon Road Update #3

Quick stop at Ohio Big Lots for some towels to clean the 2 Monsters that leaked in the back of the van.

GenCon Road Update #2

Rest stop break at North Somerset.
FYI - Brian was the champion at holding breath through the tunnels along the turnpike.

GenCon Road Update #1

No one told me we were stopping for breakfast. We had a nice hardy breakfast at John's Diner and did our first podcast with the whole crew.

<insert podcast 1 here>

GenCon 2013

Good morning loyal KGS fans.
It's been awhile since we have posted anything but Sam and I have decided to head for GenCon and I thought we would do some GenCon 2013 podcast updates during the 5 days we are in Indianapolis.

Please check back and tell your friends, KGS are back and better than ever.