My first gaming experience was in Elementary school, probably 5th or 6th grade with the kids of my mothers friends. Ideas for dungeons were all I could think about for months afterwards. That Christmas my Aunt got me the D&D box sets. But didn't know anyone that was interested in playing.

In junior high I played Risk all the time until new neighbors moved in down the street. Then we played AD&D at the bus stop, on the bus, in home room before school, at lunch and in the evenings. Summertime was for bike riding, sword fighting with broom sticks and metal trash can lids and AD&D in a basement for hours and hours, days and days on end. High school brought more of the same and the spreading into MSPE (Mercenaries Spies and Private Eyes), Paranoia, Star Frontiers, 2nd Edition Traveller, Gamma World and Star Trek RPG's (Mind you, most of these got a back seat to AD&D which was most of our gaming time). During High School Axis and Allies was first published and we played that 3 or 4 times a week. Oh and Dawn Patrol which I use to beg my friends to play since I was the only one in love with WWI stuff.

In the Marine Corps I started converting Battletech role play into my own idea of space opera. Once I found enough people that wanted to roleplay they asked me to run AD&D and the sci-fi ideas faded (Thanks Mike, Ben, Dan and Lulu). In my spare time I designed my own lands with sketches of landmarks and places of renown. Its also where I spent days drawing up the perfect maze with plans that would fill up a whole session of gaming with them roaming around. What happened was they turned left 3 times and walked right through the maze without even knowing they were in one! It was the last maze I ever used in RPG's!!! Mikey ran a Call of Cthulhu that was so good that a knock on a desk made me jump back and fire my finger at a door. If I remember correctly it was a ghost and the bullet through the door did nothing to stop it.

In 1990+/-, living in Mechanicsburg PA I found the Comic Store West in York PA and soon after started playing AD&D and running WHFRP (Warhammer Fantasy role Play). This is when Dave B and I first started playing together, way back then. It was then that we we're invited to play in Brett's (Of CSW) Shadowrun game.

Other games of the time: Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k, HOL (Human Occupied Landfill), Ares Magica, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf, Mummy, Mage, Rolemaster, WEG Star Wars, WEG Star Wars Miniatures Battles, RoboRally, Necromunda, Silent Death, GO, Advanced Hero Quest, Chaos Warrior, Space Hulk, Gorkamorka, Magic(that was back before The Dark!) and about 20 games that elude me.

Moving to France killed my roleplaying but I played allot of table top game and board games. Confrontation, Primordial Soup, Guillotine, Grand Prix, Gang of Four and again a bunch of games that I can't remember right now.

Moving back to Harrisburg I started playing with a bunch of people I knew from years before. RMFRP (Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplay) we played more often then anything. We also played WHFRP, Spacemaster, Deadlands, CoC, ROTG (Run out the Guns), Traveller (from Mongoose Publishing), Judge Dread(MGP), Hammers Slammers (MGP), Connan(MGP), Serenity, Seventh Sea, Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. In the boardgame/table top arena I played more WFB and 40k, BFG (Battlefleet Gothic),BBB(Blunderbuss's, Broadside and Boarding Parties), Settlers of Catan, Sternenfahrer (Spacefare's of Catan). Flames of War, Chipco, Close Action, Victory at Sea Age of Dreadnoughts, Circus Maximus, Race Day, Tiki Mountain, Small World, Catan Card Game, Starship Catan, Hey thats My Fish. Wings of War, Cosmic Encounters (Avalon Hill's), ASL, and one of my favorates J.U.M.P. into the Unknown (Justified Use of Military Power). I'm sure I missed some but all this is while getting into 1/32 scale slot cars.

Sometime in 2010 my schedule opened to allow me to finally join Brett's D&D game though it wasn't long before he stopped running to run the promotional D&D game at the store. Left to our own devices the group brought in 15 or so of our favorite games and voted on which ones we wanted to play. After most everyone dying in Ace's and Eight's we sat around discussing the pro's and con's of the system.  We then realized that we should do a podcast of exactly the same and post it!  And after weeks of weeks of struggling with finding a name we became the Keystone Gaming Society, which is probably what led you here!

Having some background doing vocal work and years of vocal lessons I jumped into the role of Host for our podcasts.  When KGS isn't podcasting I'm usually running the game we're next to review, that is unless someone else is nice enough to run and let me play.

Pull up my Blogspot bio and you'll get this: which might be more or less int interesting then all that was above!.