Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marvel Heroes RPG Basic Game

At last, the new Marvel Comics RPG game is now orderable.
Tell your FLGS (hopefully it's our sponsor Comic Store West) that you want to order this game.

Due to ship February 2012.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wings of War is now Wings of Glory

You may have heard that Wings of War the miniature game that KGS loves (see our previous posts) was dead.  Well it did die but has been quickly resurrected as Wings of Glory (at least the WWII version).

Check Ares Games website out here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Skylanders - Must have toy for Christmas 2011

Every year at Christmas there is one toy that all the kids ask Santa for.
There was cabbage patch dolls, Tickle Me Elmo and who can forget Furby.

It looks like this year it’s Skylanders.

Skylanders is a video game for all of the major platforms (XBox, PS3, Wii and DS3D) the twist on this is that it is also a toy (or miniature if you will) in that there are 37 different figures available.  Each figure has it's on set of powers that the game gets from an embedded chip.  The figure is placed on a base that connects to your game system via various methods.

The figure is then playable inside of the video game environment.  The figure also comes with a code that can be used on the internet to allow you to play various internet games with your figure for added content.

This is going to be a huge hit.  It's got everything.  It's a video game, it's a toy, it's a miniature, it's a collectible.  There are boy friendly figures, girl friendly figures and neutral figures.

Unfortunately I cannot play the game myself until Christmas, but I am working on getting the complete collection of figures for my daughter (because she, like me is a completeists).

I've created a check list because a good one was not readily available online, feel free to print and use freely.

2011 Skylanders Checklist

[ ] Spyro
[ ] Double Trouble
[ ] Wrecking Ball
[ ] Voodood
[ ] Slam Bam
[ ] Zap
[ ] Wham-Shell
[ ] Gill Grunt
[ ] Legendary Spyro (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Dark Spyro (3DS Exclusive)
[ ] Bash
[ ] Dino-rang
[ ] Prism Break
[ ] Terrafin
[ ] Hex
[ ] Cynder
[ ] Chop Chop
[ ] Ghost Roaster
[ ] Legendary Chop Chop (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Legendary Bash (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Ignitor
[ ] Sunburn
[ ] Flameslinger
[ ] Eruptor
[ ] Whirlwind (Target Exclusive)
[ ] Warnado
[ ] Sonic Boom
[ ] Lightning Rod
[ ] Legendary Trigger Happy
[ ] Boomer
[ ] Drill Sergeant (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
[ ] Drobot
[ ] Trigger Happy
[ ] Camo
[ ] Stump Smash
[ ] Zook
[ ] Stealth Elf

Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi

A few weeks ago the KGS had a round table discussion about the origins of the Jedi and if force ability is hereditary.  We will finally know the answers in February.  Dark Horse Comics in conjunction with Lucasfilm will publish DAWN OF THE JEDI.  A 5 issue comic book mini-series written y fan favorite - John Ostrander.

Read more about it here

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Martian Dice Review

Martian Dice Review
Published by: Tasty Minstrel Games
Price: Change back on your $20

This afternoon over lunch I finally had the opportunity to play the dice game Martian Dice with my good friend Mr Glacier.

Martian Dice is very similar to Zombie Dice (see past KGS review) in that the game contains a cup and a bunch of dice (13).  The dice are unique with pictures of Tanks, Death Rays, Humans, Cows, and Chickens on them.  Your job is to act as Martian kidnappers and try to collect as many Humans, Cows and or Chickens  as you can.  The tanks are trying to stop you but no worries you have death rays that can take out the tanks.

Like Zombie Dice this game is strictly dice management and playing the odds based on previous rolls of the dice.  You start with 13 dice as you roll you pull out tanks and death rays and re-rolling until you have and equal over overwhelming number of death rays to tanks.  Your score is equal to the number of human, cows and chicken dice you were able to collect. 

This is a very fast paced and extremely easy game to play.  We played 3 games (and sudden death overtime) in less than an hour and we both wanted to continue playing.

For the record I lost my first game, won my second game, we tied our third game.  With ties you roll 6 dice and the person with the most death rays win.  Well me tied on our first roll with 1 death ray each.  Then we were forced into sudden death overtime 2.  This time Mr Glacier edged me by 1 to take the ClixPals Martian Dice Championship (at least for now).

Rating: This game is a solid 5 (very close to a 6).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Top Five Comics You Are Not Reading

There are 5 comics that everyone should be reading but aren't.  Not sure why people are not reading them but I highly recommend giving them a shot.

In no particular order:

1> Super Dinosaur - Image Comics.  Written by Robert Kirkman.  About a boy and his dinosaur.  This is a great all ages comic and really should have it's own Saturday morning TV series.

2> Hack Slash - Image comics.  Soon to be a major motion picture.  About a hot chick who hunts your typical horror movie serial killers and kills them.  Lots of sex, blood and gore so adults only please.
(Check out the FREE online Hack/Slash Holiday Special here)

3> The Bionic Man - Dynamite Comics.  Written by Kevin Smith.  Remake of the classic 70s TV show.  

4> Star Trek - IDW Comics.  Ongoing series spinning off from the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.  

5> Omac - DC Comics.  Please read this series I don't want it to be cancelled.  It's DC's version of the Hulk only better.  

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ticket to Ride - Asia

Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 1: Asia

Warning - This is an expansion so you do need the original Ticket to Ride to play or Ticket to Ride Europe.


  • Ticket To Ride Asia contains not just one but two different maps (Team ASia and Legendary Asia) on thick double-sided board.
  • Two sets of destination cards
  • Nine extra trains in each of the 5 colors
  • Four wooden card holders (yes, real wood)
  • Two full-color rulebooks

Legendary Asia
This map offers more cities in the south with longer routes to the north.  There are two special types of tracks - Ferries and Double Routes.

Team Asia
Some of the same area as the Legendary map is covered on the Team Asia map.  Besides rules for team play this map introduces tunnel routes.

Awesome expansion to a great game.  Team play is great.  Price point ($30) is even lower than I thought it would be.  I give it a solid 5 out of 6.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did DC's NEW 52 Save The Comic Industry?

The answer is YES, so far.

Overall 2010 showed a striking downward trend in comic sales.  Sales numbers were down 7% from the following year.  Then DC's New 52 hit in September.  In just two months (September and October) DC is reversed the downward spiral of the industry.  With sales only down 1.5% from 2009 as of this writing DC is primed to help bring sales up to a positive number when compared to 2009 numbers.

Look at the October sales.  October 2010 sales 25% higher than October 2009.

Many stores report increased sales for both Marvel and Independent comics, which Diamond Comics attributes in part due to the increased foot traffic caused by the New 52.

It's fitting that DC Comics - creators of iconic figures like Superman and Batman, widely thought of as the 'original' comic book superheroes, have saved the comic books at least for 2010.

(Picture at top shows the industry share for October 2010)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Game To Watch For in 2012 - Zombicide

Guillotine Games has announced a new game coming next summer that I am excited about.
Zombiecide is a cooperative miniature game set during the coming zombie apocalypse.

For 2 - 6 players. Players take on the role of survivors who work together to survive the zombie hordes.
The game features a modular playing board, 71 miniatures (most of which are zombies), 10 pre-designed scenarios, rules, dice and cards.

The game will be distributed by the same company who just release Super Dungeon Explore - CoolMiniOrNot.

KGS loves zombie games so I'm sure this will be a big hit. Look for a full review next summer.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What are your 10 Favorite RPG games of all time?

I googled this and found several websites where the author or authors listed the best RPG game systems of all time.  It seems like the following list is what most people seem to think:

10 - Gamma World
9 - Vampire the Masquerade
8 - RuneQuest
7 - Champions
6 - Tunnels & Trolls
4 - Star Wars
3 - Traveller
2 - Call of Cthulhu
1 - Dungeons and Dragons

Now I gotta say there are several listed above that would appear on my list.  But there are a few that are missing.  The one's that should definitely mentioned are:

Savage Worlds
Atomic Highway