Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons Essentials, Session 3

The players meet the Dragon, a white Ozark Frost Dragon named Curly. They try to parley with the dragon, who is convinced they are assassins hired by the necromancer Malareth to kill the young dragon. Curly's kobolds were helping Malareth rob merchants for certain valuable materials, and Curly got the gold and any magic items the merchants may have had. No amount of talking convinces Curly of their innocence, and a fight commences. Curly breathes ice breath twice during the battle, nearly killing Mr Grimes. However, the combined might of the PCs proves too much for the dragon. Dayareth, with some direction from the other players, cuts the heart out of the dragon for his teacher, the Arch mage, who needs it for a very powerful spell. The heart is ice cold and remains so. Much treasure is found, which the players quickly divide amongst themselves, including some minor magic items

After a short rest, the players move down the hallway. "Who goes there?" someone shouts from the end of the hall.
"Umm, a bunch of us kobolds. We're here to relieve you guys over there."
"No, you're not! You're a bunch of thieves who can't make a decent bluff roll. Prepare to die!"

A huge bugbear flanked by two large kobolds charges the PC. Harlok and Falin respond with a counter charge. It's a quick battle, with the end result being dead bugbear and kobolds, and a shiny new magic axe for Harlok.

The next room contains a fancy rug and a distinctly unfancy dire rat wearing a collar (one of the bugbear's pets). Harlok charges, only to run headlong into a pit concealed by the rug. The less impulsive members of the party go around the pit and dispatch the rat, who's a little tougher than the first thought. The rat squeals a warning to his pals in the next room.

Fat lot of good that does. Though the party members are down significantly on healing surges after four big battles, a couple dire rats aren't enough to stop them. In the room is a giant minotaur statue with a strange message in dwarven lettering. The players aren't sure what it means.

But where is Malareth? Where's all the stuff robbed from the merchants? Another door leads further into the complex . . .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, What Does the Rating System Mean, Anyway?

We at The KGS are serious about games. Seriously. And we've been asked, "KGS, what's all them fancy numbers youz always talkin' 'bout be saying, anyway, KGS?" So, below we've decided to inform our many thousands of fans about our rating system and what the numbers mean.

6 - Outstanding game in nearly every aspect. Any flaws in this game are very, very minor. This game comes with my highest recommendation and everyone should try it. The reviewer would gladly purchase this game.

5 - Very good game with some minor problems. The few flaws this game has may be small and generally do not detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. This game is highly recommended. The reviewer would strongly consider purchasing this game.

4 - Good game with a few flaws that moderately reduce the enjoyment of playing the game. It is recommended that you check out this game. The reviewer may consider purchasing this game.

3 - Okay game with several serious flaws that limit the enjoyment of playing the game. There are more negatives than positives in this game and the reviewer does not recommend this game. The reviewer most likely will not purchase this game.

2 - Bad game with major flaws although there may be a few redeeming characteristics. This game is not enjoyable to play and the reviewer recommends that you avoid playing or purchasing this game.

1 - Horrible game with severe flaws. This game is absolutely no fun at all. Laugh at anyone who actually spends time or money on this game.

Monday, November 8, 2010

D&D Essentials, Session 2

Using a combination of Dayereth's Freezing Blast and Phantom Chasm spells, Falin's Stormhammer assaults, Mr. Grimes' backstabs, and Harlok's whirling axe of extreme vengeance, the bandits come down with a very bad case of death.

A moan from a wounded merchant near one of the carts momentarily halts the adventurers from looting. Falin heals the merchant of his wounds and, grateful for the help, the merchant proves helpful. His says his name is Kavras, and that he is a spice merchant traveling south from Whartston Hall. He and his fellow merchant were attacked by bandits. Kavras was wounded and left for dead. He saw some of the bandits carrying his spice crates through the woods to the east. Then he lost consciousness and woke up to the sounds of fighting. He offers to reward the PCs with 50 gold if they can return his spices to him. He will be staying at the Inn of the Three-Legged Unicorn for the next few days before returning to Threshold. The PCs promise to find the spices for him.

The adventurers track the bandits through the woods, which eventually open up in a clearing with a small stream running through it. On the other side of the stream is a cave entrance guarded by four kobolds.
"Are they wizards?" asks Harlok.
"Yes," says Falin.
"Then they must die!" bellows the dwarf. Hefting his trusty battleaxe, he charges through the stream to attack the kobolds. He is quickly outnumbered, and the feisty lizards dart around him, wounding him.
A Freezing Blast from the eladrin, and a well-placed firepot slung by Mr. Grimes, turn the battle in the adventurers' favor. The last kobold flees but is cut down by the merciless crew.

After looting the bodies, the adventurers explore the cave. They find two heavy doors on opposite sides of the cave. Harlok, "helped" by Falin, block one door so it can't be opened, and enter the dungeon through the other door.

Inside were a number of rooms, partitioned by doors and red velvet curtains. A blast of cold air and some very angry kobolds greet them. A kobold wyrmpriest appears at the end of a long hall, and casts a spell. A ray of sickly green energy shoots out, splattering Dayereth with acid. Mr. Grimes moved quickly down the hall to get behind the wyrmpriest. This he does, though he pays the price with a stabbing wound from the priest's spear. Grimes is then attacked by more kobolds who appear from another entrance.

Falin and Harlok move toward the priest with readied weapons. Suddenly, the priest inhales deeply and breathes a gout of acid at them. Harlok sout of the way but Falin is not so lucky, taking an acid blast to the chest.

Dayereth casts a Fear Cage spell at the priest, wounding him and rooting him to the spot. The frontal attacks by Falin and Harlok, combined with the flanking backstab of Mr. Grimes, is too much for the priest, who slumps over in a pool of his own green blood. The remaining kobolds are quickly crushed.

After this, the adventurers rest (with occasional looting) for several minutes. Mr. Grimes listens at the large door at the end of the corridor. Loud breathing from some kind of large creature can be heard. The eladrin checks his compass. The needle points toward the door and glows bright red.

Will the adventurers open the door? Does sudden, untimely death await our heroes? Will they turn around and head home to live quiet lives of peace and comfort? Find out next week . . .