About KGS

About KGS

The Keystone Gaming Society (KGS) was founded somewhere around 2009 by Brett Stoner to play a Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5 campaign. We played for about a year and a half on every other Wednesday at Comic Store West (www.comicstorewest.com) in York, Pennsylvania.

After a year and a half we reached third level in our D&D campaign. Brett moved on to run Dungeons and Dragons encounters on Wednesday's at the store but our group decided to move on to other games, most notably, Traveler. We decided to create a blog and podcast game reviews.

Originally we called ourselves, "Local Gaming Group," but someone (Old Brian) unilaterally changed that name to "The Gaming Syndicate." It was thought that sounded like a mob name so we changed our name to Keystone Gaming Society. "Keystone" represents Pennsylvania where we game - PA is the "keystone" state. And we're a society because societies are where people live together in a community. We not only game together but we share life together. And we'd like to invite you to join in the conversation. What do we talk about? Well, if you like....

Board games, Role playing games, Dice games, Card games, did I miss any other type of game? We also discuss Movies, Science Fiction / Fantasy Television, Toys, Pop Culture, and anything geeky, cool, weird, unusual or noteworthy ...then KGS is the place for you.

We're just like you, only we have a blog. We're KGS - Comic Store West's Professional Loiterers.