Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GAMA - The Lone Gunman

Actor - Dean Haglund of X-Files and Lone Gunmen fame.

GAMA - WizKids Update


GAMA View of Las Vegas

I've gotten lots of emails requesting hotel view photos.  Here you go.

GAMA Day 2 Swag

GAMA Update - WizKids Dice Masters

GAMA Update - The Downfall if Pompeii

What Happens In Vegas...

GAMA Day 1 Swag

GAMA Update - Mad City

Mad City by Mayfair Games is a very fast paced fun game for all ages.  The object is to build the best 3x3 grid city in only 1 minute.

Had a great time with this game !!

GAMA Update - Steam

I'm in Las Vegas this week working hard at a game retailer convention.

I just learned how to play Steam by Mayfair Games.  

I'm not usually big on the building games but I actually enjoyed it after I got the hang of it.  

Next up Mad City