Saturday, July 31, 2010

suggestions for games....

Just wanted to get a compiled list of games that people would like us to try. Mind you there's going to be very few, right now, that we're going to be willing to run out and buy just to review but we'll still take any and all into consideration.

Wait, what? you want to send us one to try? Sure, sounds great! Just send it to the store, attention to US. Oh and don;t send us anything you want back and just cause you sent it doesn't absolutely mean we'll play it. Just a warning =)


Atomic Highway Character - Roach

Atomic Highway - Session 1

Character Creation

Brian ran character creation for Scott and Sam. Brian chose a Remnant, LoreKeeper for his character - ROACH. Sam chose a 'Steader, Road Warrior character, and Scott went with a Feral, Pit Fighter character.

Since Dave and Bryan were absent we just did a short car battle adventure.

Brian and Sam are both going to run some in this game system.

Character stats to follow.

The following equipment was acquired:

wet/dry vac
2 sets of jumper cables
trailer hitch
2 bootles of fuel additive
portable battery charger
4 bottles of car wax

Scott acquired:
1958 Chevy
Medium machine gun on the hood
Medium armor (11)
Protection of 75 (8 damage taken so far)

Aces & Eights Character - John Garcia

Aces & Eights

We completed our 4 week session of Aces & Eights with mixed reviews.