Monday, October 4, 2010

Colonial Gothic Episode 2

Episode 2, Sept 27th, 2010

Questioning the printer the Heroes found that Jeremiah Knots mother had died the year before and that he spoke of missing her all the time. Asking about the printed paper the printer says he remembers it. Just a few days ago a minister named Mathew Smith from Franklintown came in and wanted 5 copies of a page as quick as possible. He was quite busy so he allowed Jeremiah to do the work. After that he never came to work again.

As dusk came the Heroes searched the area around the White Hall Inn expecting the mad man to come back there that night. Drawn to the back of the Inn by a franticly barking dog the Hero's found that the dog cornered what looked like dead bird. The bird was missing a wing and much of its flesh and feathers but was flapping and making hissing sounds while its eyes glowed bright red. At this the Preacher (Scott) bared his bible at the bird. He then declared it an abomination in the eye of the Lord and smashed it with his silver cross. As he struck it is died instantly steaming and burning where the cross touched it. The Doctor then ran into the Inn and got a mason jar and put the dead bird into it. The doctor then dissected the bird, in his room, and found that he he believed it to have been dead for quite a few days. Most likely it died from a attack from a cat other such animal day before Jeremiah copied the page for the minister. Believing that the bird was not possessed by any type of demon the Preacher and he brunt the dead bird.

That night they took shifts watching for the mad Jeremiah. Finding he got away and those awake went and got the rest of the Hero's to help corner Jeremiah. They saw him at the door to the First Presbytrian Church doing something to the sign on the church. The Preacher told Erich to shoot him if anything happened. As the doctor ran to catch him Jeremiah bolted and Erich took a shot hitting him in the arm as he ran away. Chasing him down they managed to knock him out. Carrying him back to the Inn they were confronted by townspeople that wanted to know what the ruckus was and why there was shooting in the night. Getting away from them they made it back to the Inn and went past the proprietress and a patron as they went through the common room. Up in the room they treated him and found that all he would do is repeat 'Oh God" and 'Mother, mother, oh God'.

A hard knock came at the door and the militia had come to take away the mad person. The Hero's were told that Jeremiah would be held over night, tomorrow there would be a trial at noon and the next day he would be sentenced and they should be there.

The next day at the trial the Printer was there and translated all that was said. The court was headed by two lawyers in powdered wig and 2 common people, to protect the interest of those that didn't know law. Th court heard the Hero's account and then the priest of the First Presbyterian asked that he be burnt as a witch for he spread deification all over the sign of the church. The printer also told of the boy life and what he knew of his past. The following day here were more people there and many were calling for the boy to be burnt. The court decided that the boy would be taken to Virgina to the Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds. since the Hospital is in Virgina and most people there speak English the court charged the Hero's to escort Jeremiah to the hospital. They would be paid for their time and they would be allowed a week or 2 to prepare for their trip if they so desired. Seeing no way out of it they accepted and said that they would do it in 2 weeks.

The Heroes then headed to Franklintown to find the minister that had the paper copied. In Franklintowns the first church they came to had two newly filled graves. Looking them over they saw that both of the grave makers had a old Hebrew symbol on them that was meant to be used on people that were buried without knowledge of their names in order to keep them from rising from their graves. It was also a symbol know in the catholic church too but rarely know in this modern age of reason. As there looked over the graves a Minister came out of the church and introduced himself as Jacob Helisin a minister from a church down the road. When asked about Father Mathew Smith he said that he was away for a few weeks and he was tending his flock while he was away.

The Preacher stayed and quested Jacob Helisin while the rest of the Heroes walked to the tavern and found a room. Jacob told the Preacher that Smith usually lives in the small shack behind the church and he would be welcome to look over the place and even stay there if he needed to. With that Jacob bid him goodnight and walked away. Looking throw the shack the Preacher found the shack was well ordered with only a bible and four books on middle eastern bible treaties that would belong to a well educated minister. Hidden in the bed he also found the keys to the church.

Here's where we stopped for the night.

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