Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, What Does the Rating System Mean, Anyway?

We at The KGS are serious about games. Seriously. And we've been asked, "KGS, what's all them fancy numbers youz always talkin' 'bout be saying, anyway, KGS?" So, below we've decided to inform our many thousands of fans about our rating system and what the numbers mean.

6 - Outstanding game in nearly every aspect. Any flaws in this game are very, very minor. This game comes with my highest recommendation and everyone should try it. The reviewer would gladly purchase this game.

5 - Very good game with some minor problems. The few flaws this game has may be small and generally do not detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. This game is highly recommended. The reviewer would strongly consider purchasing this game.

4 - Good game with a few flaws that moderately reduce the enjoyment of playing the game. It is recommended that you check out this game. The reviewer may consider purchasing this game.

3 - Okay game with several serious flaws that limit the enjoyment of playing the game. There are more negatives than positives in this game and the reviewer does not recommend this game. The reviewer most likely will not purchase this game.

2 - Bad game with major flaws although there may be a few redeeming characteristics. This game is not enjoyable to play and the reviewer recommends that you avoid playing or purchasing this game.

1 - Horrible game with severe flaws. This game is absolutely no fun at all. Laugh at anyone who actually spends time or money on this game.

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