Friday, December 10, 2010

What do You Want for Christmas, Gamer?

It's the holiday season. As a gamer, what do you put on your Christmas list? Answer? Games, geek swag, sci-fi/fan DVDs and comic books.

What's on the Keystone Gaming Society wishlist this Christmas? (Hint for those we love - all of this stuff is available at Comic Store West!)

** Scott **

Gaming Box 4-Way Rubber Bands

Settlers of Catan: Trails to Rails

Carcassonne - Bridges, Castles & Bazaar

Stephen King's Dark Tower and Stand comics

Lone Wolf RPG books AND the reissuing of the first solo adventure book.

** Dave **

Any of the Dungeons and Dragons Tile sets

Dungeonmaster Kit


Space 1889


** Sam **

...Is hoping for ANY game because he just wants to know somebody cares about him.

** Old Brian **

Dust Tactics (which it looks like he could not wait for, so he bought it Friday)

Judge Dread RPG

Hollow Earth Source Books

The rest of the Walking Dead trades that I need

** Young Bryan **

...Is just hoping he dad doesn't get him ANOTHER copy of Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. I mean, Lord of the Rings Candy Land last year was a bit over the top.

The Keystone Gaming Society wishes that your holiday season is a critical hit and that you get a lot of great swag to keep you gaming.


  1. Sam always likes to know that people care =) But what he/I really want is:

    Great Space Race
    Space Alert
    Dust Tactics
    Any Traveller LBB (Little Black Book)
    GW's Tower of Sorcery
    Battle Cry

    A box set of one of the below for ships crew...for the 28mm fantasy ships I'm building!:
    Lizardman Saurus box set
    Empire Free Company
    Empire State Troops
    Bretonnian Men at Arms
    High Elf lothern Sea Guard
    Marauders of Chaos
    Dark Elf Black Ark Corsairs

    Oh and any of the Battle Field Evolution's Tanks/vehicles that the store has on the shelf. The ones that no one ever seemed to want to buy!

    I know theres a few board I want that I just can't think of right now too....

  2. As a side, I did get a game. GMT Games ~ Washington's War. This the 2nd edition release by Mark Herman. Very nice.


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