Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tales of a Female Gamer

So.............it's been awhile since I posted anything...........ahem, and I think I might be getting the hang of gaming. MIGHT BE. Thank God for d10! As some of you know from listening to the podcast ( and if your not downloading it, WHY NOT?). I'm not a very good counter, or adder, or anything with numbers, so the easier the game the better. Remember, me dumb girl can't count die. As the role playing has progressed, I sort of start to get it. If only I can count. My fellow gamers have actually added for me in some cases when it was evident that my eyes have glazed over, and my brain is shut down. Again, thank God for d10 systems. At least it is fairly simple. Introduce a charting system and I'm almost happy. The problem is my lack of any attention span when someone is explaining rules to me. After about the third or fourth sentence it starts sounding like the teacher from a peanuts cartoon. I have to just forge ahead and play the game, understanding as I go. This creates a bit of frustration with my fellow gamers. I don't blame them really, but someone reading rules out of a book just turns me off.

Let's give the example of tonight's game we are playing. As a filler between RPG's, we are playing a board game called "King of Tokyo". My lovely husband, Old Brian, starts reading off the rules for the game. It simple enough, maybe even a little fun. Even a special guest little boy was playing. After about a third of the way through, I got board, stopped listening and didn't hear a word he said. Resulting in me losing, and the 4 year old winning the first game. Comical really. I never win at games though so I'm used to the humiliation.

Case in point, everyone is still playing while I'm posting.....

Maybe I should take speed before I play, that way I might pay attention

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