Saturday, January 28, 2012

KGS Founding Father Retires From Comic Store West

KGS would be remiss if we allowed the occasion to pass without comment. The fella that initially formed the gaming group that would become KGS retired today after 25 years in the comics industry. While this is sad news for Comic Store West (which is left in the capable hands of Brian Waltersdorff and Joe Miller with Scott as manager), it may be KGS's gain because we're trying really hard to get Brett to use his newly discovered free time to return to the gaming table with us.

Brett - job well done! Congratulations on your retirement! I wonder if those signs that say, "Brett's Office" will be changed to read, "Brian's Office?"

This photo is like Where's Waldo?... Where's Brett? Oh yeah, he's not here anymore. He's at home watching Star Wars.

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