Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marvel Heroic RPG - Gaming Notes

KGS played with an advance PDF copy of the Marvel Heroic RPG this past Tuesday. We tried to get as much right about the rules as possible. I "crash read" the book and tried to take as many notes as possible. The rules are very jargon-heavy and are very different from most RPGs. Not in a bad way, necessarily but there is a learning curve. Let's just say we played with the "spirit" of the rules. There are a lot of nuanced rules in some cases and in others the rules are vague at best. The book literally tells you, "make it up as you go!"

We played the New Avengers #1-6 "Breakout" storyline adventure that comes with the basic book. Not a great adventure but it provides a lot of action opportunities.
Sam played Captain America quite well, despite his aversion to superhero RPGs. Dave played Daredevil... and just like Daredevil in a team book, he failed to show up. John played Luke Cage and did a fairly good job of capturing the essence of the character just by reading the brief bio on the character sheet (he had no prior knowledge). Finally, The Bryan played Iron Man and took full advantage of his tech gizmos!

All in all, everyone enjoyed the game probably because we didn't follow the rules all that closely. That's just how KGS rolls!

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