Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hot Rod Creeps - Race #1 - Four Short Speedway

Ok race fans.
Hot Rod Creeps the board game is out and KGS love it !!
In fact we are running a full season of races.
Race #1 of the 2012 race season was at the Four Short Raceway. As you can see from the layout there are lots of hairpin turns and not many pit stops.

It was a wild ride (especially through the shark pit and flaming ring) but the winner of the first race was 'THE UNDERWORLD' driven by KGS member John. I think he had a little help from the big guy (no, the big guy from down under).

Keep checking back for standings and the results of our next race.
Oh and buy this game, it is loads of fun !!
Designer - Brian
Number of track spaces - 65
Finishing order:
John - Underworld - 10 points
Brian - Battle Wizards - 7 points
Scott - Monsters - 5 points
Sam - Rockabillies - 3 points
Dave - Food Fight - 2 points
Bryan - Aliens - 1 point


  1. Wow! This sounds very nice! When will race #2 and #3 be? I'd love to hear about them, too, when they happen!

  2. Looks like an awesome track!
    You certainly could use more Pit Stops, especially with 6 players.
    Please post more tracks and recaps!


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