Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Colonial Gothic Episode 1

Episode 1

Staying for a few days at the Tavern with the rampant red lion on its sign (one day to become the name sake of Red Lion, PA.) the Heroes have grown to be familiar with each other and call each other friends. While breaking fast they overhear a local talking about the fact that theres a person running crazy around Yorktowne (one day to become York, PA.). They immediately start questioning him and he says that he's heard that the lunatic has been running loose ever night and disturbing the town something horrible.

The heros then gathered their truck and headed to Yorktowne. After a short time along the road they saw 2 anger hunting dogs running across a field at them. Knowing about dogs Erich Hauptman (Brian B.) tried to calm them down before they got to close. When that didn't work Doctor Sullivan Rane (Dave) killed one of the dogs with his pistol while Erich took the other with his rifle. After reloading they walked up to look at the dog. Across the field they could see a farmhouse and a farmer looking out the window at them. Seeing them he closed the window quick like he was going to get his rifle and come after the Heroes.

Coming into Yorktowne in the late afternoon the Heroes made their way right to to courthouse in the center of town. Within two militia men guarded the door while court was being held. At the head table two judges in robes and powdered wigs sat next two well dressed gentlemen. In front of them a local seemed to be explaining something with much vigor.

Quietly the Doctor asked the guard about lunatic that was running wild telling him that they where there to find him. Not knowing much about it he told them he had been staying at the White Hall Inn before the moon made him mad. Finding out that the White Hall Inn was on the corner of High Street and Beaver Street, just outside behind the open market attached to the Courthouse.

Entering the White Hall Inn the Heroes made their way to the bar there and tried to talk to the lady proprietor only to find that she only spoke German. They then noticed that everyone around them where speaking in German After a drink they tried again to talk to her about the lunatic, the doctors little bit of German enough to make her understand them.

The proprietress then led them to a small corner room upstairs. Through hand signs and German she told that that they found the room in a shambles, the windows and shutters thrown open and broken and the cross she had on the wall was missing. and that the Lunitic escaped by going out the window and down the shed roof, into the back yard. Examining the room Ian Ferguson (Brian W.) found scratches on the floor that lead him to notice there were clean areas where the scratches where. Both the Doctor and Ian noticed the clean spots had the shape of occult ritual symbols.

They then noticed that there was a new candle in the room. Asking about it the lady made them understand that when she came into the room there was wax all over the floor and she had to use a knife to scrape it off her floors.

Erich searched the back yard looking for track of the lunatic but all he found was the broken cross from the room above. While they were out there the proprietress ran out with a small sack in her hand and gave it to them pointing to the room of the Lunatic. In the bag they found some basic belongings along with 2 Pennsylvania notes, a knife and the remains of a burnt paper with some block printed writing still decipherable.

Reading what remained on the paper they found the first part to be a warning to never evoke the name of God when reading the rest of the paper. The paper lead them to look for a person that cold do such basic printing here in Yorktowne. A few blocks away on Queen street between King and Princess Street's they found a shop that did small printing like the remains of the page they were given.

As the Doctor started to talk to the Printer in German the Printer offered to speak English since his is better then the Doctor's German. They found that there was a young man that was working for him and he was named Jeremiah Knotts. He was from Shermantown far to the north and had come to Yorktowne to make his fortune and had not come into work for several days.

Its here that we stopped for the night.

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