Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gaming Aide #1c - Tabbing Eclipse Phase

As a promised, following up my post Gaming Aide #1this post, Gaming Aide #1c, is my third in a line telling everyone where I've put my tab in some of my most used game books.

Eclipse Phase is a near future sci-fi roleplay for the experienced gamer. To me it lending itself to the long term campaign, push's the boundaries of sci-fi and horror while giving the player the ability to move his character from body to body. This trans-human genera will most likely step you out of your comfortable sci-fi zone to a harsher more real feeling future.

The Eclipse Phase book needs tabs! If your a player you going to need a book so you can read up on the background and to have access to all the things you'll want/ need to know to play and your going to need to tab those pages! For us referees your going to find the referee screen to be incredibly helpful one minute and yet incredibly useless the next and so your going to need your book tabbed to fill in for all the other stuff you'll need to reference during play.

If you've read my other 2 posts about tabbing you know this disclaimer already! One thing to keep in mind about my list is that my books are tabbed for my use as a referee not a player. Here and there you'll find me marking a page for my players but not to often. So as a player in Eclipse Phase game you'll want most of these same tabs along with the tabs for your morph, weapons, gear and any other things that you end up using all the time.

What you'll find below is what page to put the tab on and what I wrote on my tab

Eclipse Phase referee tabbing:
pg 71 - Hypercorps
pg 75 - Political Blocs
pg 79 - Socio- Political Movements
pg 83 - Criminal Factions
pg 119 - Actions
pg 153 - Rez Points
pg 191 - Combat
pg 198 - SS, SA, BF, FA
pg 203 - Weapon Ranges
pg 207 - Wound Effect
pg 209 - Healing
pg 243 - Muse 1 of 3
pg 265 - Muse 2 of 3
pg 313 - Equipment
pg 332 - Muse 3 of 3 Stats
pg 335 - Melee Weapons
pg 337 - Fire Arms, Railguns
pg 371 - Creatures

An amazingly small number of tabs for how much I used the book during our 4 weeks of our playing it.

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