Sunday, September 11, 2011

What is "Gaming?"

A couple of funny instances have happened to me recently. I frequently wear my official "Keystone Gaming Society" shirt around (it's a nice shirt!). I had two people notice it and make comments about it.

The first person asked if I worked for the state managing casinos or the lottery. How funny! They thought that "gaming" meant "gambling!" I had to explain that "gaming" meant playing board, card, and role playing games, that no wagering was taking place, and that, no, I do not work for the state.

In a different place at a different date, the second person asked how I was involved in sports. I realized that, once again, somebody had read my shirt incorrectly - "gaming" does not refer to sporting events! I explained that I was a part of a blogging website that discussed and reviewed games. They looked a little less interested when they learned the true meaning of "gaming...."


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