Saturday, July 31, 2010

Atomic Highway - Session 1

Character Creation

Brian ran character creation for Scott and Sam. Brian chose a Remnant, LoreKeeper for his character - ROACH. Sam chose a 'Steader, Road Warrior character, and Scott went with a Feral, Pit Fighter character.

Since Dave and Bryan were absent we just did a short car battle adventure.

Brian and Sam are both going to run some in this game system.

Character stats to follow.

The following equipment was acquired:

wet/dry vac
2 sets of jumper cables
trailer hitch
2 bootles of fuel additive
portable battery charger
4 bottles of car wax

Scott acquired:
1958 Chevy
Medium machine gun on the hood
Medium armor (11)
Protection of 75 (8 damage taken so far)


  1. Brian's Remnant was give the job, by his community, to guard a small Hauler (thats a truck) full of of Mag's that were being taken to a bardertown to be sold.

    The adventure started In Medias Res. Ed the driver banged on the back of the cab and yelled at Brian that they had company coming up on them fast. Opening the back Brian saw 2 battle cars behind them and climbed out and up onto the top of the truck as the cars closed.

    Hearing that they were being followed Scott cowered in the trucks passenger seat covering his eyes. Until Ed told him to get out and stop the cars and then he also climbed out and onto the roof of the truck.

    As the cars closed Brian opened up with his shotgun but found their skin to tough for his gun.

    As the Black car passed the truck and cut it off Scott jumped onto the back of the El Camino. with a might wing of his hammer he shattered the back glass and crushed the head of the driver and the grabbed the wheel to keep control of the car.

    Brian gave up on damaging the car and managed to take out a tire making the passenger climb out the window to try to shoot him. The 58 Chevy as it continued to pelt the truck with the its hood mounted medium Machine gun as it side swiped the truck. At the same time Ed slammed on the brakes to stop the truck.

    As the passenger tried to steer the el Camino Scott's second swing made him into pulp. As the car started to drift off the road Scott jumped to the 58 Chevy that had just passed the truck.

    On swipe of his hammer and Scott, while hood surfing, hurt the passenger that was sitting in the window firing at Brian and knocking him all but out the window.

    As the hauler came to a stop Brain lost his footing and slid off the roof of the landing, on his feet, in front of the stopped truck with an empty shotgun.

    Trying to get facing the truck and toss the hulk off the front of his car the driver of the 58' did a bootlegger turn coming to a stop facing the truck. Scott slid off the roof to land next to the car without being hurt.

    As Scott took care of the passenger the 58' opened up on Brian with his machine gun, totally missing him and the truck!

    Scott then tossed his hulking self into the cars window screaming at the driver "You run! Be scared of me!!" and sure enough the driver ran from the car like he was on fire.

    Scott claimed the car instantly and they made their way back to the wrecked car and scavenged for items from the wreckage.

    The end.

  2. AH session 1 was a lot of fun. This rules system lends itself to a minimal dice rolling system where it is almost more of a narrative.

    My only feedback is about the number of successes needed for a successful action. Sometimes it seems a bit high IMHO...


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