Saturday, July 31, 2010

suggestions for games....

Just wanted to get a compiled list of games that people would like us to try. Mind you there's going to be very few, right now, that we're going to be willing to run out and buy just to review but we'll still take any and all into consideration.

Wait, what? you want to send us one to try? Sure, sounds great! Just send it to the store, attention to US. Oh and don;t send us anything you want back and just cause you sent it doesn't absolutely mean we'll play it. Just a warning =)



  1. I would like to playtest Dr Who next, I am also looking to try my hand at Deadlands to see how it compares to Aces & Eights and then would love to play some old school Marvel RPG. Oh yeah almost forgot - DC is doing a new RPG game based on Mutants and Masterminds v.3 gaming system and I'm planning on picking that up to play.

  2. I'm up for old school Marvel RPG even as a one shot adventure with established characters. I could run.

    I'd also be willing to run LONE WOLF based on the 80's solo RPG books (it's a traditional RPG now from Mongoose). I have all of the books for this. It is a fantasy game that used the D20 system but is VERY different from DnD.

    Wouldn't mind checking out the new DC MaM game...

    Deadlands would also be cool.

    How about some old school TMNT?

  3. Dr. Who sounds awesome. I have the old RPG but would like to see what they've done with the new one based on the newer, and in many ways better, series. Marvel RPG would be fine, but prefer making my own superhero character. I think that is part of the fun.
    Would be willing to run a one-off Paranoia adventure. Would also be interested in playing 4e D&D. Would be willing to gamemaster if there is interest.


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