Sunday, August 15, 2010

Atomic Highway Map

Here is the map of the area we are currently located for the Atomic Highway game.



  1. Very cool! Glad I don't live in Denver...

  2. Just wanted to mention some stuff on why NE and such....

    Brian and I and were looking for an area in the US that was pretty desolate but had little towns and a nice big long straight road that the game could happen around. All praise be to Google Maps! Some clicking a dragging and BOOM Big Springs NE. From their I found out how much area a small nuke levels and clipped in the blast areas. I went with the idea that the attack, long ago, was done with lots of small nukes rather then the massive ones that we really have. From here I then printed out a map of the are around Big Springs. from there neat looking items on the map I zoomed into street level and looked at what they really looked like. Personally this made my head swim with ideas! this also lets you see over and underpasses and other places raiders might lurk to attack a traveling party.

    So if your actually from Big Springs NE congrads!!!! The town made it through the Big Death!


  3. As a legend:

    1st blast area (red areas): totally devastated and irradiated. Its a glowing crater or sheet of glass, go their you die.

    2nd blast area (shaded areas): Only the strongest structures have anything left in these areas. Radiation here is pretty high and Muties could be expected.

    3rd blast area (unshaded areas): Structures here a husks of what they once were and the ground is covered in the rubble. A super dangerous place but likely to hold some remnants of Pre-Big Death times better then most places.


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