Saturday, August 28, 2010

Atomic Highway Session 4b

4b because once the party got back to town and sold the scavenged bitz they wanted to sell I started my adventure.

The party went to see one of the consul members as the weird woman told them to. He was a little taken aback that they came to him when he was just going to seek them out but he told them his problem. Most the people of Big Springs work on Solar Tower 3 or work protecting it. Solar Tower 3 was made right before the Big Death to subsidize the power from the local dam North of Big City, what use to be called Ogallala. Last week one of the feed lines on Solar Tower 3 cracked, and about 6000 gallons of molten salt poured bout before they could get the system shut down. Lucky for the town, buried deep under the Tower complex is a holding tank that was about full when the Big Death hit. The latest spill has drained most of the remaining surplus of molten salt.

The guy named Billy Syth has said he knew where a old storage vat of Molten salt is and the town needs the party to go talk to him and bring back a load of molten salt for the tower. Tomorrow night is race night at the strip, Billy will be there. The party just needed to follow old Interstate 80 West about 40 minutes till they see the race.

going to a race the party decided that they'd be best to take both their battle car. Knowing the Jesus Billy Throttle would never allow his Lady to go without him they stole it with plans of returning it unharmed.

Coming up on the overpass for Rd 203 they could see that under the bridge the East bound lane was filled with burned out wreckage from the Big Death times. 203's overpass had junk piled high over the side of its concrete. Coming at the Bridge at about 65mph Rambler and Book, in front with Lady, noticed a raider with a machine gun right as he opened into them from the bridge above. Surprised, Book lost control of the car and went into a spin as he slid under the overpass. Regaining control (he rolled something like 6 successes!!) he stopped his spin with 4 startled raiders in his gun sight. Lady's machine gun took out 3 of them as Rambler leaned out the passenger side window and killed the last with his pistol. Then he noticed the Machine gun raider had ran across the bridge to open up on then again. With a single shot to the head the guy was down. As the party started to scavenge from the dead on I80 they heard a motorcycle start up and head south. Finding the machine gun and a grenade launcher on the over pass the party felt they had done pretty well and moved on.

Stay tuned for the next daring adventures in the wastes of Nevada!

Normally i'd not have given allot of exp for the adventure since they made out with pretty good loot with almost no injury's but since we don;t know how long it is till we move onto the new game we want to see how character advancement works. So I gave everyone 6points to do advancements with.


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  1. So... what have we learned? Even though Gorbo's methods were... unorthodox at times, in the end he somehow ends up doing just the right thing...

    Very nice campaign. In my opinion, the best we've had so far.


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