Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Atomic Highway Session 3

Atomic Highway Session 3

Picked up the new creature source book - 'Irradiated Freaks' from the store before the game (but I won't need it tonight).

ok, not much action last session but I promised there would be more in this session. I spent the last two days of my vacation designing the prison and then I found a better prison floor plan on-line (

Our band of brothers first decided to check the cars in the lot for good batteries. They lucked out and found one with a decent charge which allowed them to use Rambler's deer spotting light. The group then decided to check for a generator
and found it in an exterior building, along with a good amount of gasoline (in an aux tank). They got the generator up and running and got the prison lit up. The group journeyed into the prison through the destroyed east wing which went
directly through the Warden's quarters. A few useful items were found in the warden's quarters expecially after Gorbo ripped the door off of the hidden safe.

Continuing to the warden's balcony our group spotted their first two zombies (yes kids you heard right zombies). Our group of Einsteins started shooting at them which caused more zombies to spawn because of the noise. The first zombies to appear
were ex-prison guards and prisoners (these were called Lurchers). Then the higher ranking guards (called Moaners) came finally followed by our first female prisoner (a screamer). Check back soon for full zombie specs. It took a while for the group
to realize everytime they used a gun (or chainsaw) the noise was attracting more and more zombies. There was 1 point where I was actually running out of minis to throw at the party.

The following characters got bitten: Hank and Rambler. Gorbo received a nasty claw scratch from the Screamer and I think all of the party received some damage from the screamer's scream. Only time will tell if Hank and Rambler turn into zombies because of the bite damage.

Anyway most of the party switch to quiet melee weapons and the zombies were destroyed.

Gorbo rolled two critical misses and once with the hammer (hitting the door frame instead of a zombie) and once with the chainsaw (getting the blade lodged in a zombie's spinal cord). Rambler
also ran out of bullets in his pistol and was forced to switch to his rife.


  1. So, you're saying that Gorbo actually had the best plan by jumping over the balcony and tackling zombies head-on with a hammer? Gorbo smash!

  2. You forgot to mention the loot we found after killing the zombies, including pistols with ammo, cabinets filled with medical supplies, and canned goods. And yes, we "Einsteins" had the brilliant idea of shooting zombies from a distance so we WOULDN'T get bitten by zombies, but were finally forced to melee to end the zombie rush.

  3. Yeah, you also left out the part where we determined that Sam was the "Dad" in your GM - Which, I'm sure, stands for "Gay Marriage."

  4. And for outsiders...Sam(spoken in 3rd person for the camera)was playing daddy GM because Brian hasn't ran a game forever. Okay and the fact that I haven't played in a game for years before I started playing with you guys. I'm ALWAYS the GM...its os hard to let that power go =)


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