Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures of Wonder Woman Costume Revealed

I think every fanboy has... *ahem* fond memories of Lynda Carter's classic Wonder Woman. So much time has gone by since the original Wonder Woman show was aired that the original costume has entrenched itself in our collective geek consciousness. So when the studio released the first pictures of Adrianne Palacki in the new Wonder Woman costume for the upcoming Adventures of Wonder Woman, it was sure to cause a fuss. Fans are split on what to think. I, myself, think it looks a little to plastic-y and manufactured. A little too, "Hollywood." I actually like some of the pics floating around on the web showing a more gritty, realistic Wonder Woman outfit such as the one below next to Palacki. But lighthearted or serious, I just hope the studio invests the same energy they put into Smallville.  

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  1. Two words, "Wonder Thong." If not, than I'm not interested.


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