Friday, April 1, 2011

Pass the Pigs RPG Announced by Winning Moves

For nearly thirty five years, the "dice" game Pass the Pigs has thrilled and amused the young and old alike. It was quite a hit at the recent Keystone Gaming Society / Girl Scout gaming day. Over the years, this game has been produced by various manufacturers and several gaming in this same system have been released including Snout! (a card game), digital Pass the Pigs (available online or as an app), and Deluxe Pass the Pigs.

Recently, Winning Moves (the current publisher of Pass the Pigs) announced the upcoming release of Pass the Pigs: Role Playing Game. Check it out at

Here's a pull quote from the publisher's press release:
"The overwhelming success of Pass the Pigs across decades has prompted us to extend our product line for this property in a bold, new direction: Role Playing, both tabletop and live action. Pigs have always had a place in the hearts of Americans from the Three Little Pigs to Miss Piggy. Who wouldn't want to role play a pig? The initially offered gaming world will be set in the modern world with players rolling up a pig or hog character. I believe this game's big innovation is that players won't use standard dice but the core mechanic will instead use the unique Pass the Pigs pig dice. What adventure awaits in the barnyard and even beyond? Look for our initial offering in the spring of 2012."

Below is a picture of a play tester in Pass the Pigs: The LARP.

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