Sunday, June 5, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 3: Bloon Tower Defense

Popping balloons is always fun. Whether it be at a carnival game or at a child's birthday party. But what if there was a game that let you pop balloons in a tower-defence style game? Then I have so good news for you. And that good news is Bloons Tower Defense.

The game gives you 5 different types of towers. A dart tower, tack shooter, ice, bomb, and a Super Monkey towers. You can buy these towers and upgrades with money which you earn for completing a level and from popping balloons. If 100 balloons get past you in total, you lose.

There are two kinds of upgrades for each tower. One deals with range and the other amplify's the effects of the tower. There are many kinds of balloons. Red ones are the slowest. Then there are blues, which are faster, and have a red balloon inside. Between levels when the game is paused, the game will give you tips and information about the game that is apporpriate at the level you are about to do. Essenctially, most balloons have more balloons inside of them and have to be popped serveral times to degrade it to a red balloon. Some balloons are immune to certain attacks, like lead balloons are immune to darts and tacks.

There are many strong points to this game. It is simple to understand and challenging. You need to stratgically place you towers to get most out of their abilities. The hints in between levels is unique and helpful. Sometimes the game is just telling you what is heading your way next. You could say it ruins the surprise, but if you have nothing that will affect what's coming up, you're in trouble.

But then I realized something. That while having gameplay adive between levels is unique, is it better than just having a screen that tells you how to play. Like an instructions or a tutorial page. The problem that comes with telling the player in between levels is that they have to survive the level to get it. And about halfway through the game this could be a challenge, when you could have told them before.

But there is a reason why there are three new versions of Bloons tower defense that NinjaKiwi has made. The game is great. And there is alot of room for expansion in the number of towers and balloons there could be. I find this series of games to be a personal favorite of mine that I go back to again and again for free fun.

Bloons Tower Defense is made by NinjaKiwi.

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  1. Bloon Tower defense games are fun but only to a point. I've played them all and they all seem to get to a certain point where they just overrun you with scores of very tough balloons. Not as much fun as some other TD games I've played.


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