Sunday, June 12, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 4: Sugar Sugar

Before you ask, I am not gay. This is actually a fun game, despite the rather homosexual title for a man to play. And who doesn't like sugar? Sweets as we know them would not exist without sugar. With this kind of connection its no wonder some gamer made a game revolving around sugar. And by sugar is this game interessting.

Fill up a cup with sugar. Sounds easy right? At first, it is very easy. But then you must fill up two cups with sugar. Later on the game adds different colored cups which you must put some sugar through to get it to count in that cup. There is also a button on some levels that reverses the gravity.

What you do is draw a line from where the sugar comes from to the cup. The sugar comes from the comma after the first sugar. This is a game mechanic I will talk about later. Each cup must be filled up with 100 of the correct color of sugar cubes. There are special dotted lines that change the suagr's color when they pass through. After a few minutes, the sugar stops coming out of the comma, and if you have not filled up the cups, you lose. On some levels you only have 1 sugar cube that foes in a cup that needs 1 sugar cube. Other levels will require you to switch the gravity, which the level provides you with. The key to this game is drawing lines that allow you to fill up a cup and change the flow toward another cup.

Now about the comma. This reveals a mechanic I have not experienced before in a game. The text the is on the screen in the level can affect the sugar coming down. This can impact the game in a big way if you don't know that the text blocks sugar. I fell for that when I realized the text doesn't disappear after a few seconds. This is the first game I have encountered that has this kind of interactive scenery. I say interactive because I don't want to call in intrusive. Once you get used to this, you have to play keeping that in mind. And all this culminates to the skill of the game's creater, Bart Bonte.

Now either this is an old game or he made this in some kind of cheap game maker. Either way te options for making complex games is difficult and a more resourceful mind is needed. I find it sheer genious the Mr. Bonte has taken such basic elements and made such a complex and challenging game. Out of any game I have played so far, this one has stuck out from the rest, and I tip my hat to his game making abilities. And again, I am not gay, though it seems I just kissed his but 5 times just now.

Sugar, Sugar is made by Bart Bonte and available at

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  1. Definitely a simple and fun game! What a time killer!


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