Friday, November 25, 2011

New Post Apocalyptic RPG - Mutant Epoch

As many of our viewers know the KGS Post Apocalyptic RPG Games. Atomic Highway is one of our favorite games we have played. We at the KGS are very interested in game companies that support their games, whether it be online support or just timely expansions. Well the following game caught my eye and looks to be a game we would all enjoy - Mutant Epoch.

Mutant Epoch

Not only Core Rules, and One Expansion so far but a MONTHLY magazine just for the game. Also for anyone purchasing the book you get a free life time membership to the SOE Online Club which offers exclusive online support for the game.

I will be checking with my FLGS for availability of this game and hopefully will have it in hand soon for a full review.

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  1. Comic Store West has just ordered copies of the core rules and the first expansion. Look for them by mid-December.


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