Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Resurrection of Online Flash Games! Week 18: Fishy

Sorry for my long delay in putting up another review. Nevertheless, I'm back with another online game you can play for free online. Now it shouldn't be a secret that I favor strategy games over any other genre. So today its time to delve into the realm of Action games. And while I like this game, I'm not quite sure how Fishy counts as an action game. But thats beside the point, lets get it on!

In fishy, you start off as a small fish. But you have big dreams, for yourself anyway. The objective is also simple; all you do is eat fish that are smaller than you. You also have to avoid being eaten by bigger fish, something which I will get to later. Also, there is NO saving; you either get so large that you take up the entire screen, or you die. You use the directional buttons for moving around the screen. For those out there that prefer AWSD, I tired it and it will not accept them.

Now as I mentioned you die by being "eaten" by any fish that is larger than you. However the game seems to have a different deffinition of "eaten" than I do. If you die by being eaten, to me that means avoid the mouth. But not in this game. If you so much as come in contact with a bigger fish, even its tail; you die. Just thought that was some helpful advice.

All in all I do enjoy this game. But it certainly doesn't make my top 5. Its very simple but suprisingly hard to complete. You could put 15 minutes into this game and then die, forcing you to restart. Some people would not be discouraged and keep on going, and to an extent neither am I. But there comes a point where one finally says "ok, I've had enough" and finds something else to do; and there isn't a good chance they'll be coming back.

Fishy was created by XGenStudios

Play Fishy for free at

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