Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wings of War with 11 people!

Wings of war is a World War One air plane combat game where you use little planes and a deck of maneuver cards for that plane to move your plane around the table and imitate the actions of a WW1 dogfight. Of all the games I know I think Wings of War is more scalable than any other game. What I mean by that is that it plays as well with 2 players as it does 12 players.

This last Saturday, Nov. 4th was our 3rd Dude Night at Kevin’s home. If you’ve read Scott or my write ups about the other 2 times you know all about his ping pong, air hockey and pool table. You also know that the last two times we played Fantasy Flight’s game Moto Grand Prix.

The Dude Night before this one was a little less attended then the first one so this time I brought a wider range of games to play. Only 3 of the 7 made it into the house but that was plenty. By the time we we’re ready to play we had 9 people. That would have worked just fine for another night of Moto Grand Prix but since we’ve played that twice I thought it was time to put some variety into Dude Night. I explained to everyone that we we’re going to play Wings of War, a WW1 dog-fighting game. Once we got sides picked I passed out the player ‘dashboards’ and planes.

Most people haven’t played table top miniature games like this before so it’s always good to explain to them that where the plane/figure is is important. In most games like this you measure from a fixed point on one plane/miniature to a fixed point on another, moving a plane/miniature will change the distance that you’re measuring to and change a miss into a hit at a tense moment of the game. So bumping or moving your plane more or less than what’s called for is cheating and will throw off the game. So five minutes of explanation and everyone was ready to play.

As the game started Scott and I took over the role of mediator’s, necessary people to have for any large game. We played till one side had 4 kills. After a turn or two we added 2 more people to the game, late arrivers, to give us 11 people playing at once.

This was great fun and everyone got the hang of selecting their movement and moving their planes. Nobody ever really got the hang of working as groups to gang up on the enemy but then caught on enough to make it that I was the first person shot down! We played that if you we’re shot down you came back on with the next set of cards which kept everyone in the game till the end.

A good time was had by all of us. Afterwards I got comments from most everyone that they had never played a game like that before and that they couldn’t believe how much fun they had. Two or three went so far as to tell me that they we’re going to buy it for their family to play at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So if you don’t already own a copy of Wings of War ask your local shop to get you one or Google Shopping or Amazon Wings of War: Revised Deluxe Edition. It comes with 4 planes and all you’ll need to start hour’s worth of fun.

I have to go watch Flyboys again, see yah!

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  1. Sam, I thought the game went very well. It was lots of fun, as always!


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