Thursday, December 8, 2011

Martian Dice Review

Martian Dice Review
Published by: Tasty Minstrel Games
Price: Change back on your $20

This afternoon over lunch I finally had the opportunity to play the dice game Martian Dice with my good friend Mr Glacier.

Martian Dice is very similar to Zombie Dice (see past KGS review) in that the game contains a cup and a bunch of dice (13).  The dice are unique with pictures of Tanks, Death Rays, Humans, Cows, and Chickens on them.  Your job is to act as Martian kidnappers and try to collect as many Humans, Cows and or Chickens  as you can.  The tanks are trying to stop you but no worries you have death rays that can take out the tanks.

Like Zombie Dice this game is strictly dice management and playing the odds based on previous rolls of the dice.  You start with 13 dice as you roll you pull out tanks and death rays and re-rolling until you have and equal over overwhelming number of death rays to tanks.  Your score is equal to the number of human, cows and chicken dice you were able to collect. 

This is a very fast paced and extremely easy game to play.  We played 3 games (and sudden death overtime) in less than an hour and we both wanted to continue playing.

For the record I lost my first game, won my second game, we tied our third game.  With ties you roll 6 dice and the person with the most death rays win.  Well me tied on our first roll with 1 death ray each.  Then we were forced into sudden death overtime 2.  This time Mr Glacier edged me by 1 to take the ClixPals Martian Dice Championship (at least for now).

Rating: This game is a solid 5 (very close to a 6).

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