Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did DC's NEW 52 Save The Comic Industry?

The answer is YES, so far.

Overall 2010 showed a striking downward trend in comic sales.  Sales numbers were down 7% from the following year.  Then DC's New 52 hit in September.  In just two months (September and October) DC is reversed the downward spiral of the industry.  With sales only down 1.5% from 2009 as of this writing DC is primed to help bring sales up to a positive number when compared to 2009 numbers.

Look at the October sales.  October 2010 sales 25% higher than October 2009.

Many stores report increased sales for both Marvel and Independent comics, which Diamond Comics attributes in part due to the increased foot traffic caused by the New 52.

It's fitting that DC Comics - creators of iconic figures like Superman and Batman, widely thought of as the 'original' comic book superheroes, have saved the comic books at least for 2010.

(Picture at top shows the industry share for October 2010)

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  1. Update to this report.
    With November numbers in comic sales are now up 2% over same time last year.

    Check out this article:

    Now that the first batch of DC Comics returns are in we will see if there are adjustments made to the numbers.


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