Friday, December 9, 2011

Skylanders - Must have toy for Christmas 2011

Every year at Christmas there is one toy that all the kids ask Santa for.
There was cabbage patch dolls, Tickle Me Elmo and who can forget Furby.

It looks like this year it’s Skylanders.

Skylanders is a video game for all of the major platforms (XBox, PS3, Wii and DS3D) the twist on this is that it is also a toy (or miniature if you will) in that there are 37 different figures available.  Each figure has it's on set of powers that the game gets from an embedded chip.  The figure is placed on a base that connects to your game system via various methods.

The figure is then playable inside of the video game environment.  The figure also comes with a code that can be used on the internet to allow you to play various internet games with your figure for added content.

This is going to be a huge hit.  It's got everything.  It's a video game, it's a toy, it's a miniature, it's a collectible.  There are boy friendly figures, girl friendly figures and neutral figures.

Unfortunately I cannot play the game myself until Christmas, but I am working on getting the complete collection of figures for my daughter (because she, like me is a completeists).

I've created a check list because a good one was not readily available online, feel free to print and use freely.

2011 Skylanders Checklist

[ ] Spyro
[ ] Double Trouble
[ ] Wrecking Ball
[ ] Voodood
[ ] Slam Bam
[ ] Zap
[ ] Wham-Shell
[ ] Gill Grunt
[ ] Legendary Spyro (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Dark Spyro (3DS Exclusive)
[ ] Bash
[ ] Dino-rang
[ ] Prism Break
[ ] Terrafin
[ ] Hex
[ ] Cynder
[ ] Chop Chop
[ ] Ghost Roaster
[ ] Legendary Chop Chop (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Legendary Bash (Toys R Us Exclusive)
[ ] Ignitor
[ ] Sunburn
[ ] Flameslinger
[ ] Eruptor
[ ] Whirlwind (Target Exclusive)
[ ] Warnado
[ ] Sonic Boom
[ ] Lightning Rod
[ ] Legendary Trigger Happy
[ ] Boomer
[ ] Drill Sergeant (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
[ ] Drobot
[ ] Trigger Happy
[ ] Camo
[ ] Stump Smash
[ ] Zook
[ ] Stealth Elf

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