Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back From JohnCon

Just back from JohnCon and I wanted to let everyone know something I learned. Are you ready for this major announcement...

I hate people. Especially the rest of the KGS.

No I'm just kidding (or am I)? Anyway we will be podcasting about are experiences from Johncon this Tuesday so look for the full review on Wednesday.

In the meantime Jason one of the Crimson Hand Gamers (another local group that I refer to as our competition) pointed me to HeroLabs. This seems like a very cool character creator software for a variety of RPG games including Pathfinder, Mutants and MasterMinds and Savage Worlds. I'm thinking about purchasing the product, what are your thoughts? Check out their site here.


  1. Can you say introvert? Not like this is anything that any of us, that know you, don't already know! I'm sure you'd be much better if Alcohol had been involved.

  2. Competition?

    Hero Lab is indeed an awesome tool for players and GMs alike. There is a tactical console to help GMs track combat and record conditions, such as dazed, blinded etc.


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