Friday, January 21, 2011

The End of D&D?

Attention gamers:
Will this be the end of D&D?


  1. Is this desperation on Wizards part? If this is what they've been reduced to, then I hope they sell DnD to somebody who can make the game respectable again.

    I know they've been trying to bring DnD and Magic together for a long time... WHY? They're two completely different gaming types. This is like if the NFL bought Nascar and then tried to combine the sports.

    I think this idea is absolutely ridiculous, is transparently a money grab for power gamers, and is the exact moment that DnD jumped the shark. Shame on Wizards. I feel sad that a game with such great origins has been treated like a prostitute by her pimp, Wizards.

    Just know, I called it. Gamma World confirmed to me that this is where they were going, but I called it LONG ago.

  2. I am SO opposed to the "collectible" rarity idea that its almost a 100% way to make me/Sam reject a game. Par Example; Gamma World giving rarities to their cards. Basically it's saying that whoever's willing to toss the most money into buying booster packs will get the best items/abilities equipment! ARRGHH! If I had hair I'd pull it out thinking about this!

    Lets take a moment or 2 and review a few of their sentences...

    "Players can crack open boosters of cards just prior to participating in a game session, or come to their game with pre-built decks. With each booster, a player’s tactical options for their character during the game are altered and expanded in interesting new ways."

    Here's WotC true hopes...that we'll find this to be the CRACK that allot of us first found Magic to be before we woke-up to...well to bad art, repeated cards with new art, stupid new rules, etc.

    Yeah OKAY we get it! You guys want D&D to be Magic! Crossover games to each other! Personally, not playing D&D since AD&D, 4th edition really has a very different feel. The actions and powers that they've added have a very 'Magic the Gathering" feel to them.

    Hey! We know you want to power game so now we're going to allow you to customize how you can get totally bogus things and make all the other players useless compared to my awesum'ness!

    Really theres not a chance that I'd let a group of players in my game bring a stacked deck of special ability cards to my table. Its just not happening! This just spells disaster (get it...spells!).

    Anytime you toss that much randomness into a game your just begging for problems to arise. Balance of power and playability problems are sure to rise.

    And I understand totally their desire for revenue and I even understand "why" they think this will make money. Still I won't support it and I would tell anyone else the same. Avoid these like the plague!


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