Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mongoose Publishing Sale

Mongoose Publishing

Out of Print Sale!!

Just wanted you all to know that Mongoose is having a clearance sale of their out of print items. Most items are 25% or more off and with a quick look through I've added up an easy $50 worth of stuff that I've wanted to get.

I'd recommend:
Conan: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition
Its a steal at this price!

I bought it a few years ago for $35 or so (followed by buying Adventures in the Hyborian Age, Cimmeria, Aquilonia and Heretics of Tarantia) for a group that wanted to play it. They we're great reads and the rules are an easy twist on 3rd Edition D&D (which I'd never played at that time)with magic really having that nasty deadly feel that Robert E. Howard instilled into his writings. So if you like Conan and you don't own this buy it!

One last thing. This sale begs some questions knowing the things we know, like....

We know Battlefield Evolution has died an horrible death and Conan is having licensing issues with the plans in the works for Arnold to do another movie. That said, whats happening with the Judge Dread: Mega City One Archives books? They're on clearance! Does this mean that they're dropping the Judge Dead Mega City One Archives line??

And before anyone says that the Judge Dread line is dead let me mention that Mongoose has put out a Miniature skirmish rule set for playtesting along with releasing affordable Judge Dread Miniatures. Affordable being $3.00 each compared to Wargames Foundry who wants $7.15 each.

So ah...hey back to the Sale....let me know what you get.

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  1. A new Conan movie is due out in Late August starring Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex from Startgate Atlantis). I thought they were also beginning production on a new Judge Dread movie.


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