Friday, January 21, 2011

Wizkids/NECA to Produce LORD OF THE RINGS HeroClix

I'm a huge fan of HeroClix. I love the 'plastic crack'. I have about 2000 or so super hero army men. I don't time to play often anymore but still collect and judge the game at Comic Store West.

Wizkids and NECA have just announced that a Lord of the Rings HeroClix system is coming in 2011. Read all about it here. I am extremely excited about this, I bought the LOTR miniature game that came out about 8 years ago (and flopped) and it just didn't play very well. Now Wizkids is making a run at it and I think this is going to do very well for them; why you may ask? They are making it fully compatible with HeroClix. Now I can have Hawkeye and Legolis fight !!

I think NECA is doing all the right stuff with the Wizkids product that they bought. I think all of the clix based games need to be 100% compatible with each other; they can call it the CLIX ENGINE and have HeroClix, HorrorClix, LOTRClix, MechClix, FantasyClix, ArmyClix, Star TrekClix, etc.


  1. If you're talking about the GW Lord of the Rings miniature game, it was hardly a flop. It may not get much play in the York area, but worldwide it does pretty well.

  2. No not the GW version. It was a plastic version with the figs on green bases with a slider instead of a clicky base.

    It was done by Sabertooth games.

  3. So does the fact that LOTR mini games have been tried two times before less the likelihood that this one will be a success?


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