Sunday, July 24, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 10: Kitten Cannon

First off, don't judge me. Just because I like this game does not mean I am cruel to animals. Just because shooting a kitty out of a cannon and him hitting explosives and into spikes or venus fly traps is amusign to me, it doesn't meanI'm sick. I'm just a tiny bit twisted in my sense of humor. Just try it and I'm sure you might like it. But sadly you can't turn off the sound effects, which might be the worst part.

In Kitten Cannon, you shoot a kitten out of a cannon. The red bar on the side of the cannon shows the force to be used in the shot.The barrel of the gun can be raised and lowerd to how you see fit. After that, the game randomly generates objects along the ground or in the air to help you or stop you. The goal in this game is to get the kitten as far as possible, which is very much in the hands of the game after firing.

There are five types of objects in two catergories. The ones that help you are boxes of explosives, bombs tyed to balloons in the air, or trampolines. The other two that stop you as soon as you hit them are spikes and the venus fly trap. Avert you eyes if squeamish of blood, because there's alot of it when the kitten hits the spikes. In addition, hitting the bare ground slows you down.

While I like this game, there is one major problem I have with Kitten Cannon. And I don't mean the moral one. This game is ver ymuch up to chance after playing it. So you just sit back and even if you got a creat shot the game can spawn a fly trap and snatch you out of the air after 50ft. There's a game similar to this one that lets you through some things at the target to keep it moving. This game doesn't let you do that. But it was made in 2005, so I guess that idea hadn't crossed the developer's mind. As I said, its a fun game. But parents, I'd say not let you children under the age of 6 play this game. Scott, that means you.

Kitten Cannon came from the sick mind of Dan Fleming.

Play Kitten Cannon (for all you dog people out there) at

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  1. I'm proud of you for continuing this, Bryan!

    Played it - Kitten Cannon is NOT a good cannon game, in my opinion. Not very fun at all.

  2. Oh, and BTW, as a parent I wouldn't let my child play this game at 10, let alone 6. Now wonder you're so warped. Dave, I'm ashamed at your lack of parenting. Next you'll probably let Bryan role play before he is 18.


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