Sunday, July 3, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 7: Pandemic 2

One of the leading causes of the zombie apocalypse is a world wide disease. A bacteria or a parasite that takes over the body and makes you hungry for human flesh. Well in this week's game, you can't turn people into zombies. But you can unlease a disease that kills the entire human race. That's close enough, right?

Pandemic 2 is a game where you goal is to infect and kill as many people as possible across the globe. First you begin by selecting whether to play a realistic or relaxed game (The differences are explained in the game). Then you chose to be a bacterial, viral, or parasitic disease. Each has its own advantages and disadvatages. After that you come up with a cool name for you disease and away we go.

First you are alerted to where you begin on the left hand column of the screen. Important news like where your disease has spread and what global and regional leaders have done to stop your spread can be found. You evolve and get stronger and deadlier using evolution points to buy new traits for you disease. Some you already have unlocked. You get these points by infecting and killing more and more people.

On the map are several different icons. These show ports, airports, water reservoirs, and hospitals. Your disease can infect people by traveling by airplane or boat depending on what traits you have. Infected water reservoirs can get alot of people infected. Governments will later shut down these facilities as your disease becomes more deadly and noticeable. Eventually the United Nations will try to create a cure for your disease. If successful you cannot infect any more people. If it fails, you can keep on infecting.

This game requires a bit of a twisted sense of entertainment as you can tell. After all, you are trying to wipe out the human race. But I don't find fault with that. What I do find fault with, although it isn't much, is how exactly you get evolution points. I assume its from infecting and killing more people, but the tutorial never explains.

Pandemic 2 is gameplay wise the best game I have found. The tutorial is a seperate page you can read which is well written and neatly laid out. There is a reason this game has been in the top 10 stratagey games for since it was posted in 2008 and played over 11 million times. It is in depth, fun to play, and despite it being complex, it isn't complicated or frustrating. This is my absolute favorite online game and will probably stay that way for the for foreseeable future.

Pandemic 2 was created by Dark Realm Studios and sponsored by Music by GlobeXDesigns.

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  1. I've played both Pandemics and I can't say I was thrilled with either. Both of them are fun simply for the sick fantasy of wiping out humanity. Go germs go! But as games they are not great.


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