Monday, July 18, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 9: Territory War

Sorry about this week's late post, but what's one day between friends? Anyway, this week's game is about territory, war, and stick figures. Territory War on has been played 36,675,613 times in the 5 years since being created, and I was one of the first to play it. Its a trip down memory lane for me.

The objective in Territory War is to kill the other team's players using an infinite amount of grenades, bulles, and boots. Each stick figure can either move or stay for their first action. If move, they move wherever the player wants and then attacks for their second action. If you chose stay, then you just attack. The grenade is useful for lobbing long range, the gun for medium range, and kicking for close range. Each character has 100 health, and depending on how and where they are shot health decreases.

There is no score or points in this game, you just play for the fun of it. You can play the campaign and unlock all 10 missions, a challenge, or a custom battle where you can play against a friend. The instructions are underneath the options bar. The game does a great job of explainging the game, flashing a white bar where they are explaing what it is or does.

There are a couple problems I have with territory war. It might just be my comupter, but the controls don't always respond exactly. This can be a major pain in a heavily movement based game. The other problem is that there is no overall goal to accomplish. No score, no points, nothing. That could be an issue with some people.

But as far as I am concerned this is an old favorite of mine; so long as the controls work. There is one objectiveI can think of though: to have stupid, violent fun. If you don't understand that, then I think most video games are not for you. And we clearly have different ideas of fun.

Territory War was created by Shawn Tanner and produced by Territory War was sponsered by

Play Territory War here:


  1. I beat all ten levels... it's not a great game. The AI is simply stupid. Often the computer fires a rifle directly into the ground. Too easy and not enough combat options. Failure!

  2. Mah Scott. I not true, the game is cool. What do you think about graphic bad too?


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