Sunday, July 10, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 8: Metalix TD

Ask anyone who frequents flash game websites and they'll probably say that Tower Defence games are some of the most common kinds of games out there. But this week's game is unlike any Tower Defence game I have ever played. Scott asked me to play this game and review it this week. And while I'm on the subject, anyone who wants me to review a game by all means send me and email about it. I'd be glad to.

Metalix TD is at its core the same as any tower defence game. You use different types of towers, in this case canon, laser, and fire towers, to prevent something from getting to whatever you need to protect along a clearly shown path. Like other game you can upgrade your towers with points you earn during the game to give them greater power, range, quantity, and movement. Wait, movement?

In every other TD game I've played, the path never changes and the towers don't move. But not Metalix. After every level the path moves around a little. If your towers are on the path they can be damaged. So you need to move them off the path. The more movement you tower has the faster it moves. You can move towers along the entire length of the path if you want, though moving isn't free.

The tutorial has the same setup that Railway Valley did, where it tells you what the game play items are in general, not in the context of the game. But Metalix succeeds where others have failed. It tells you what the vocabulary means in relation to the game.

But where I have an issue with Metalix is that the simple act of making a pathway move changes the game drastically from the TD genre. Instead of setting up a system of towers along a set path, you have to move them around. This really can through someone out of their element. I only got to level 16 and I feel terrible about a score like that. Maybe as I play it more I can get the hang of moving the towers around, but it takes some getting used to.

However, despite this change from usual TD game setups, it is still a fun game to play. Maybe you can get used to the game quicker than I did, and to that I say more power to ya. Scott told me that this was his favorite online game, which I can see why, though it isn't my favorite. But I know the real reason he likes this game. Every TD game has some type of target, whether it be balloons or Japanese soldiers. But this game has small, robotic animals. Scott burning small defence animals; says alot doesn't it?

Metalix TD was produced by POintZero Co. and manufactured by Masateru Umeda.

Play Metalix now:

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  1. Nice review. I like Metallix so much because it is so different from other TD games. The graphics are great and the controls are easy and intuitive. I like how it defies the genre of TD games by switching the paths and giving you the ability to move towers. In every other TD game I've played I can either crush the game mercilessly or it's like PacMan - you'll lose eventually, it's just a matter of time. Metallix actually requires skill and you'll get better each time you play it.


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