Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaming Aide #1 - Tabs

I think that very few hobbies beg for tabs on its books more then role-playing game books. With endless table and charts for modifiers, actions, weapon damages and healing a gaming group will find themselves wasting time sifting through rule books instead of playing. Anything that gets you to the page you need faster is a bonus.

For years I've been using page tabs to mark portent pages in my gaming book. I've tried everything from thin brass markers (they won't bend or stain your pages) to sticky ended thin plastic strips. Finally, after all these years, Avery has heard my cries and made Note Tabs.

I've found that if you don't just order them online you might have to run to two or three staplemax's before you find the exact ones. DO NOT let the kid working there tell you this one or that one is "just as good" or "this is the same thing", hold out till you find the exact ones.

What you want is: Avery Note Tabs 16346, Primary, 1"x 1-1/2"

These tabs, and you can see it from the picture of them, are made so that the part attaching to your book is clear so it doesn't obstruct you viewing the page. The tabs themselves are coated with a paper pulp which allows you to write on then with any pencil or pen though I've found that your better of using a new tab then trying to erase what you wrote.

The tabs are also strong enough that you can use them to lift the pages open to the page you want. That might sound stupid or odd but tons of times I've lifted a tab to get to the page I want and end up having the tab yank out of the book. I even had a tab fall into my glass of water and after fishing it out and it drying off I picked it up to throw it out and found the adhesive still about as strong as it was before it got wet. So i really have no fears of them suddenly falling out of my book. With the adhesive so strong you would think that they would tear or damage your pages if you decided to move one but you will find that they when your pulling them carefully off a page they leave no adhesive on the page at all.

So there you have it, the newest wonder of our modern age, almost like it was made for us gamer's that still use books for our hobbies.

In the future I'll be posting follow ups listing what pages I've tabbed in my most used rule books. Thanks for reading!

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