Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gaming Aide #1b - Tabbing Atomic Highway

As a promised, following up my post Gaming Aide #1this post, Gaming Aide #1b, is my second in a line telling everyone where I've put my tabs in some of my most used game books.

Atomic Highway has taken roleplaying in the post apocalyptic age to a new high. The V6 engine gives you easy mechanic with a system that drives you to being focused on having fun. For many of us in KGS this has become the standard on what a good fun game should be like. For myself this is my preferred game to run for game days at the store. In a 4 hour demo I usually have everyone make characters and for the rest of the 3 hours and 45 min they have plenty of time for an action packed adventure. The V6 engine lends itself to entertaining seasoned players while not overwhelming new players with a bunch of rules and confusing mombo jumbo.

If any book doesn't need to be tabbed it would be this one! Atomic Highway is only 129 pages and if you use it a few time you find yourself opening the book right to the right page without trying. Still I think you'll find that the few pages that I have tabbed will speed up your game.

Like I said in #1a , one thing to keep in mind about my list is that my books are tabbed for my use as a referee not a player. Here and there you'll find me marking a page for my players but not to often. So as a player in a Atomic Highway game you'll want most of these same tabs along with the tabs for any other thing that you end up using all the time.

What you'll find below is what page to put the tab on and what I wrote on my tab

Atomic Highway referee tabbing:

pg 19 - Character Creation
pg 23 - using exp
pg 47 - Weapons
pg 51 - Vehicle Customazation
pg 55 - Scavenging
pg 65 - Actions
pg 75 - Healing
pg 81 - Vehicle Combat
pg 101 - NPC's
pg 121 - Creatures

Yeah, I know its not very many pages but that's one of the things that makes us love Atomic Highway, it all you need.

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  1. A few of the bookmarks are off by a page or two between the first and second printing. Nothing major and easily corrected.

    Steve S


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