Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gaming Aide #1a - Tabbing Deathwatch

As a promised, following up my post Gaming Aide #1this post, Gaming Aide #1a, is my first in a line telling everyone where I've put my tabs in some of my most used game books.

The Warhammer 40k universe has always teased us with a background so rich and full that it begged to be a role-playing game more then the table top game we know and loved/love. Deathwatch gives us Space Marine fans the chance to be one of the Emperors Children (not the Chaos Chapter!) and fight the never ending hordes that are closing in on humanity.

The Deathwatch book is a beast. Even if you have your handy Referee screen in front of you your going to find yourself referencing the book over and over during a game session. My tabs have been the result of my initial read, running it for KGS and the Wednesday night games that I've ran for the last few months. If your running this game without tabbed pages...well, hey...more power to you!

One thing to keep in mind about my list is that my books are tabbed for my use as a referee not a player. Here and there you'll find me marking a page for my players but not to often. So as a player in Deathwatch game you'll want most of these same tabs along with the tabs for your class and any other things that you end up using all the time.

What you'll find below is what page to put the tab on and what I wrote on my tab

Deathwatch referee tabbing:
pg 33 - Demeanours
pg 58 - Rank - XP levels
pg 60 - SM Advances
pg 64 - DW Advances
pg 109 - Talents
pg 131 - Traits
pg 145 - Ranged
pg 151 - Grenades
pg 155 - Melee
pg 159 - Ammo
pg 165 - Armor
pg 187 - Psychic
pg 211 - Cohesion
pg 227 - Mission Preparation
pg 237 - Combat Actions
pg 255 - X explosive
pg 257 - I impact
pg 259 - R rending
pg 262 - Healing
pg 277 - Shock
pg 361 - Hordes
pg 363 - Chaos
pg 367 - Tau
pg 371 - Tyranid
pg 375 - NPC's

There it is, my life line to running Deathwatch. I'm sure that if your running a game or planing on it someday this will be one of your biggest tools to making a smooth game.

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