Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moto Grand Prix with 10!!

I had the rare privilege to be invited to a guys night at Scott’s friend Kevin’s home. His place is the average American home with a pool table off the kitchen, while Air Hockey and Ping Pong own a garage bay each. It was a great time and good food but I have to say that the highlight of the evening for me was moving the 8 chairs away from his massive dinning room table and all ten of us playing a game of Moto Grand Prix!

I brought Moto Grand Prix to the party because of its simplicity and because I think its one of the best racing games I’ve played. Have a bunch of men and get them into a competitive race of anything and you have a formula for manly entertainment!

What is Moto Grand Prix? From Fantasy Flights website:
Moto Grand Prix is a fun and exciting game for all ages with a fast, realistic, dice-based system for playing multi-lap races quickly. Moto Grand Prix's beautiful, accurate models can lean and wheelie, and the modular boards allow a wide range of realistic circuits. This box includes 6 miniature motorcycles, 6 cockpit boards, more than 70 modular circuit components, and dice.

Now that you read that your thinking “Wait Sam said they played with 10 people and the set only comes for 6 people!” For our game I used my one set of Moto Grand Prix track with my constructed set of bikes and dashboards. With what I made I can run a game with 28 bike on the track at once!! Played Moto Grand Prix once you’ll realize that their recommendation that each player should have a team of 2 bikes is the way to go, 6 bikes is not enough.

In this pic you see an example of the bikes and dashboards you get with the set(right side of pic) and the laminated bikes w/standiee's and dashboards that I made myself.

Eventually I want to convince Ken of cast me bikes so I can have stuff similar to what comes in the box set.

When I started explaining the rules you could see some peoples eyes rolling back in their heads but I swore to them that the game was easy and in a turn or 2 they’d have it down. Sure enough within 2 to 3 turns our bikes we’re flying around the track.

The game uses what they call the ‘Flip Dice’ mechanic where if you roll a 2 and a 3 on your six sided dice you can flip the 2 to a 5 (If you add the 2 opposite sides of a die they always add up to seven. And yes I know that some bizarre companies have made dice that this isn’t true on but 99.9% of the time it’s true). So we’re you move was going to be a 5 (2+3) it can now be a 9(flip both dice to get 5+4)! If you ever use two 6’s you have to make a roll against how rough you’ve been on your engine. Roll to high and you’ll blow your engine and your out of the race.

Some of the highlights of our race was my amazing maneuver into first place only to be the first person to blow my engine. Around the same area of the track Scott pushed his engine to try to catch everyone and had to roll below a 4 on 2 dice to not blow up his engine. To the cheers and amazement of us all he rolled a 3! It still wasn’t enough to bring him out of last place and when he tried it a second time he ended up with me along side the edge of the track! In the last half of the last laps bikes were dropping like fly’s as everyone fought for the win. In the end Kevin maneuvered himself so that he make first place no matter what he rolled while Stacey crossed the line soon after. Miguel and Spencer followed them in while the rest had destroyed our bikes on the way to the finish line!

Everyone loved it and there was a consensus that there would have to be another man’s night soon and it’s going to include a game of Moto Grand Prix!

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