Sunday, August 14, 2011

Online Flash Games, Week 13: Penguinz

This weeks game involves penguins, eskimos, and a maner of other wildlife. Sounds like a nice, peaceful game, right? Well you must not know I'd never waste my time on a crappy game like that. In Penguinz, you kill other creatures that attack you from 2 sides. How does a penguin kill other creatures, you ask? With guns and, if you get far enough, a chainsaw. Yes, it is a very bloody game, so I would say anyone under 14 sound not play this game.

From what I can tell, every other animal has been brainwashed by an evil animal and serve him with the intention of controling the entire frozen world. And it is up to our hero to stop them. You start off with a simple pistol. You must shot and kill every enemy in that level to advance. Health, Ammo, and Money are dropped by enemies. A boss appeares every few levels. The farther you go, you come across new and tougher enemies.

In between levels, you can upgrade your weapon or buy ammo and health. The weapon system is pretty good, as you can either buy a new weapon or upgrade the one you have. You can also switch between the weapons you currently have during the game. Depending on which level of difficulty you are on, supplies will be more scarce on a harder difficulty level.

While I like the game, there are 2 glaring problems I have with it. The first and most obvious is that it is just too bloody. There is too much effort put into making the game look gory. There doesn't need to be so much blood and penguins falling into two pieces. Its just not needed. The second is the lack of attention to the game itself. There is no introduction to what is going on in the game, and when you beat the final boss, it just restarts without telling you. So essentially there is never an ending.

Penguinz is a violent, unending, simple game. Which is why I both like it and hate it at the same time. Mainly because it could have been much more than what it is if someone else had made it.

Penguinz was made by LongAnimals and Jimp

Play Penguins by clicking the title of this post.

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