Sunday, March 13, 2011

DUST Tactics League Night Update ~ 4th week

Thursday, Feb 10th 2011 the Comic Store West in York PA. held its fourth DUST Tactics League Night. Brian and myself, Sam, of the Keystone Gaming Society hosted it and we've grown from just Brian and I to 8 of us.

We ran 2 rounds, like we've done each night, and could have gotten in a 3rd if I hadn't come an hour late! .

For all the guys it was their first or second games and their response was great. Winning or loosing didn't matter, all of them enjoyed it. I told them all about the products that were coming out and the direction the games going from artillery to beach assaults. All that and the fact that DUST Tactics is 1/48 scale-O scale and that you can buy or use any models or railroad stuff to add to your table was one of the games big selling points to them.

Our Thursday night in the back of the Comic Store West are shared with Magic players and its from them that we've drawn 4 of our new players. They've watched us play and we invited them to try it and now two of them are selling some of their cards to get they're own box sets of DUST Tactics. Talking with them I think its interesting how they have notice that winning a normal game of Magic is as simple as putting more money into Magic. What I mean by this, and its true of many other games too, is that if you spend $100 in Magic cards you'll generally do great against those that have spent less then you. Go up against that guy or gal thats sunk $1000 into his card set and your going to find yourself beaten to a bloody pulp! What they saw in DUST Tactics that they liked is the balance in the game. You buy the main box and you have everything you'll need to play. The two sides are balanced from the start, done and done.

Next weeks going to see the entrance of some new characters and the new rocket laden tanks of the Axis and Allies coming to battle!

If our numbers stay high for the next couple of weeks I look forward to doing a small map campaign with the guys maybe using the DUST board game for its background and engine.

If you don't know or haven't tried DUST Tactics you can check out our Podcast review (8b) and stop out some Thursday night and give it a try!

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