Sunday, March 20, 2011

Karak Azgal ~ Great resource of the past

For 1st and second edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Karak Azgal: Adventures of the Dragon Crag (adventure pack and dungeon sourcebook - October 2005

About once a year I come across a gaming book that is just leagues past the others. Six years after it comes out I find out that this is one of them.

There are those books that you see when they first come out and you thing "That looks cool", this was defiantly one of those. I have a proclivity for Dwarves but I know very well that most my players don't share my feeling so I passed on this one when it was full price. I pass up at least thirty game books a year just because I don't think I could get my players to play or because I don't think we'd ever get around to using the book. Cost verses usefulness, mind you I never saw the book, ruled this out for me. Years passed and this Christmas Fantasy Flight had their yearly big sale. Karak Azgal dropped down to around $4, at that price you can sell me about anything.

This is one of the best resource, adventure modules I've seen in years. It was an enjoyable read from start to finish giving you a all you need to make a the Dwarven Hold of Karak Azgal feel alive and real.

I could break down, chapter by chapter, what Karak Azgal is filled with but I know that with a little bit of time you could find several content review out in internet land. What I will tell you about Karak Azgal is that its more a campaign setting with some encounter areas defined to help you out. What it is is a Campaign region with an adventure or 3 to give you a feel of the new town above ground and the old Dwarven hold below ground. Area maps, region maps and even cross- sections are included to give GM and players a comprehensive view of what the old dwarf hold has become.

If you can find a copy of this grab it. Even if you don't play Warhammer 2nd or 3rd edition this source-book is a great resource for any of your fantasy adventures.

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