Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer: First Gaming Session Notes

For Open RPG Day at Comic Store West, I ran Lone Wolf Multiplayer. This was my first time running or even playing LWM and I was quite thrilled to do so, being a huge fan of the class '80's solo adventure books.

I ran the adventure, Radak's Revenge, published in Signs and Portents #88 from Mongoose Publishing. There were five people in my gaming group: Dave1, Dave2, Craig, John, and Mike. The party consisted of a Kai Lord, Knight, Dessi Magician, Dwarven Gunner of Bor, and a Ranger.

ACTION SUMMARY: Sent on a mission to stop an evil Cener Druid, the party gained passage on a ship to reach their destination. They met four other passengers: Shakara the adventuress, Vemsen the merchant, and Ulnic and Mulnic, twin Knights. Pirates attack but a clever use of the Elemental discipline allows Craig to thwart the pirate attack without ever engaging in combat. Unfortunately, two headed crocodile creatures named Storghs attack and the party barely survives. It is in this sad state that they discover the Storghs were no random encounter but that they were lured to the ship by a traitor. A quick interrogation of the passengers reveals that Shakara was responsible. Her treachery revealed, she unleashed a fiery attack, killing the Kai Lord in his weakened state before being slain herself.
The party reaches their destination and coincidentally finds another Knight to replace their fallen comrade. After purchasing horses they set off to the village where the Cener Druid is located. Once again using their disciplines wisely, they avoid a deathly ambush by Beastmen and arrive at the village. They quickly attacked by Beastmen and the druid. The ranger falls victim to the druid's wrath and with the party on its last legs they manage to eek out a victory, stopping the druid's dark plans.

It's my belief that all involved had quite a good time. I thought the adventure was very well written and I thought that the players really used their characters to their fullest potential. I did homebrew some combat rules including an alternate combat results table which you can find linked under RPG documents on the right.

In conclusion, I'm looking forward to playing Lone Wolf Multiplayer RPG again soon and I would like to thank Dave, Dave, Craig, Mike, and John for a wonderful afternoon of gaming. FOR SOMMERLUND!

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