Friday, March 4, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer - Open RPG Day at CSW

On Saturday, March 12 for Open RPG Day I will be running the Lone Wolf Multiplayer RPG game at Comic Store West in the early session. In the 80's there was a series of books called Lone Wolf. These books were very popular and have a very devoted fanbase even today. The concept is a choose-your-own-adventure style "solo adventure book." It allowed you to role play with the book itself essentially being the DM. Like regular tabletop role playing you have a character sheet with stats and items. This character gains abilities from book to book and an item you picked up in book three may prove useful in book seven. You never know. You experience combat that is much like a regular RPG - you have combat skill and endurance and randomize combat results based on your relative toughness of your enemy. There were quite a few other solo adventure books like Lone Wolf but none executed the concept quite as well.

Recently, Mongoose Publishing has begun releasing the Lone Wolf novels again and TWO multiplayer RPG systems based in the Lone Wolf world. The first is a D20 "DnD-style" game. The second is a much more stripped down version that more closely resembles the original books but is designed as a traditional multiplayer RPG.

Whether or not you're a fan of the original books I encourage you to take a trip to Magnamund with me and experience the adventure of Lone Wolf on March 12th at Comic Store West. FOR SUMMERLUND!

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