Saturday, March 26, 2011

My SECOND Rolemaster Experience

Sam arrives to the gaming table with a milk crated filled with role playing books. He ASSURES me that Rolemaster could be played with only two books but I don't believe him. It seems as if each book is essential in some way - to play without, say, Spell Law or Arms Law, would be to play an incomplete game. It's not like Dungeons and Dragons in which if you didn't own the Manual of the Planes your game wouldn't suffer at all. To me it seems as if there is essential information in each book Sam lugs into my house.

And that just seems to be the nature of Rolemaster. It's complex - and you're going to like it!

Marlin and Dave joined us for the first time in the second session. It was good for me to see Dave, who has played Rolemaster for years, take two hours to roll up a character.

Our second session picked up where the first one left off: Finding out where the Frogmen that destroyed the village came from and what motivated them. Along the way, the party killed a giant carnivorous slug. Some party tension formed, however, when John's character fell asleep and allowed the party to be ambushed. Seems that my character, Mr. Grimes, doesn't take too kindly to having his life endangered needlessly. Eventually the party made it to the Frogman village. Our efforts to assault the place from afar failed. Mr. Grimes wanted nothing to do with going into that Frogman village - after all, three weak green ones and one yellow leader had just about killed us. There were TWENTY of these things in the village! The other party members decided to enter the village. Foolishness? Bravery? Valor? Whatever you call it, Mr. Grimes will undoubtedly have to report how they died when he returns to the human village...

All in all, a pretty good session. Despite the complexity of the system I am learning. Tracking experience is still a chore to me and I find myself searching at length the dozens of pages of my character sheets to locate skills and other character information. Sam is putting together a good story and I enjoy hearing him vocalize for the Frogmen, "Glug glug glug glug glug!"

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  1. Haha, I love the picture of the stack of books...did you ever play a third time?

    BTW I think it is quite true that you can play RM with 2-4 books, no question.


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